Visiting Patients

We understand that patients need the support of their family and friends during their recovery process. For the consideration of other patients who need their rest, please adhere to the stipulated visiting hours when visiting our patients.

As children have low levels of immunity, we strongly discourage visitors from bringing babies and children under the age of seven into the wards, especially to beds in the Intensive Care Unit or High Dependency.

Visiting Hours for General Wards & Isolation Wards

Monday to Friday

  • 12pm - 2pm
  • 5pm - 8.30pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

  • 12pm - 8.30pm

Visiting Hours for Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency

Daily Visiting Hours

  • 12pm - 8.30pm


Our Visitor Management System helps to track the flow of visitors in and out of our hospitals. It will facilitate contact tracing in a pandemic situation. All visitors to the wards and the Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency are required to register. Those accompanying patients for day procedures at the Ambulatory Unit/Endoscopy and appointments at the Kidney Unit are also required to register.

Only a one-time registration is required for visitors and the registration will be valid till the patient's discharge.

Registration at Self-Registration Kiosks & Visitor Registration Counter

Registration at the self-registration kiosks located at Tower B – NTFGH Wards, Level 1 and 2 is only applicable to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents holding NRIC/FIN/Student Pass/Senior Citizen's EZ Link Card/Singapore Driving Licence. Foreigners holding work permits and overseas visitors are required to register at the Visitor Registration Counter at Tower B – NTFGH Wards, Level 1. 

    Information Required for Registration

    We require the following information at the point of registration:

    • Patient’s Name (Full name or part of the name as per NRIC)
    • Patient’s Ward Number
    • Patient’s Bed Number
    • Patient’s NRIC/FIN No. (Required only for Ambulatory Unit/Endoscopy/Kidney Unit)
    • Visitor’s NRIC/FIN No. 
    • Visitor’s Mobile Number (Local Number)

    Visitors who do not have any of the above may approach our Visitor Registration Counter for assistance. A registration label will be issued upon successful registration.

    All information provided by visitors will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purpose of ward visitation and contact tracing in the event of a pandemic situation.

    Number of Visitors

    • General Wards/Intensive Care/High Dependency: Maximum of four visitors per patient at any one time
    • Isolation/Ambulatory Unit/Endoscopy/Kidney Unit: Maximum of two visitors per patient at any one time

    If the maximum number of visitors is exceeded, a visitor may be placed on the visitor waiting list. An SMS will be sent to the first visitor on the waiting list as soon as a visiting slot is available. Please arrive at the gantry within 10 minutes of receiving the SMS. Otherwise, the slot will be given to the next visitor on the list after 10 minutes.

    Use of Mobile Phones

    Mobile phones may interfere with the medical equipment used in the wards. As such, visitors are requested to turn off their phones while visiting patients. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in areas such as the Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency.

    Photo-taking & Video Recording

    Photo-taking and video recording are not allowed in the wards. Please respect our patients’ privacy and need for rest.

    Staying Over

    For the consideration of other patients, only patients staying in Class A accommodation are allowed to have their family members stay overnight. To minimise disturbance and inconvenience to other patients, family members are not allowed to stay over in other accommodation categories, where there are other patients staying in the same ward.

    Visitor Information Brochure

    For more information to plan your visit, please refer to our brochure.