Request for Medical Report

Requesting a Medical Report

Please download the application form to request for a medical report and submit the completed form to:

  • Medical Records Office, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, 1 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609606 via post OR
  • Medical Report Counter, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Tower B - NTFGH Wards, Level 2, Admissions Office 
    in person


To request for a medical report, a patient’s written consent is required for the release of medical information. Consent has to be given via the application form to request for the medical report, except if the patient is:

Operating Hours of Medical Report Counter

  • Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
  • Sat: 9am - 12pm
  • Closed on Sun & Public Holidays

For more information or enquiries, please contact the Medical Records Office via the following:

Tel: 6716 6750 / 6716 6751

Application Requirements

Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for the application requirements.

Alternatively, you may enquire at the Medical Records Office or approach our Medical Report Counter at Tower B - NTFGH Wards, Level 2, Admissions Office for more information.

Authorisation of Representative to Collect Medical Report

If you wish to authorise a representative to collect the medical report on your behalf, please download and complete the Authorisation for Collection of Medical Report Form. Please present the completed form with the required documents as indicated in the authorisation form upon collection of the medical record.

Please be informed that any request for medical report will only be processed upon the receipt of the:

  • Completed application form
  • Required supporting documents
  • Payment of the processing fees


Work Injury Compensation

If you are submitting a Work Injury Compensation claim, please refer to details on the Work Injury Compensation Act on the Ministry of Manpower website.

Completion of Insurance Form or other such forms by your doctor $88
Ordinary Medical Report $88
Specialist Medical Report $176
Work Injury Compensation Form $88
Work Injury Compensation Objection Form $357 
Lasting Power of Attorney Report $235
Psychiatric Insurance Form/Report $436
Court Appointment for Deputy Report $528
Second Opinion Report $413
Reprint of Issued Medical Certificate $11 per request
Duplicate of Completed Medical Report $11 per copy
Duplicate of Investigation Results $11 per request
Duplicate of Discharge Summary $11 per copy


  • Charges listed above are inclusive of 7% GST and subject to change without prior notice.
  • Additional charges such as consultation, X-ray, laboratory tests or any other charges that may be incurred in the preparation of the medical report are not included in the fee for processing the medical report. These will be charged separately.
  • An administrative charge of one-third of the charge of the medical report is applicable if cancellation/withdrawal of request is made when the medical report is already being processed.
  • Only cheque payment is acceptable for requests of medical records made via post. The cheque should be crossed and made payable to “NUHSG Pte Ltd”.
  • Payment by cash, NETS or credit card is available for requests made at the Medical Report Counter.

As a general guide, the time required to process a medical report is approximately six (6) weeks from the date the Medical Records Office receives your completed application form, or the date of your medical appointment for assessment. Requests for duplicate copies of investigation results, discharge summary or medical certificate can be processed on the spot if the request is made in person at our Medical Report Counter.

Processing time may be extended in the event that:

  • The patient defaults on required assessments crucial to the completion of the medical report;
  • The specific doctor required to process the medical report is not available;
  • The application form is incomplete and/or supporting documents required for verification are not produced;
  • Access to your medical information is blocked due to unforeseen circumstances.

Q1. Who can request for a medical report?

In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (No.26, 2012), an application for a medical report can only be made by the patient except if the patient is:

  • A minor;
    Please refer to Question 2 for details.
  • Deceased;
    Please refer to Question 3 for details.
  • Mentally incapacitated;
    Please refer to Question 4 for details.
  • Applying for Work Injury Compensation
    Work Injury Compensation reports can be applied by either the patient or the patient’s employer. Completed reports will be submitted directly to the Ministry of Manpower. Please refer to Work Injury Compensation for details.

Q2. Who is considered a minor?

A minor is someone who is:

  • Below 21 years of age;
  • Not an active National Serviceman;
  • Not married;
  • Not a widow or widower

If a patient is a minor, the request for medical report has to be made by the patient’s parent or legal guardian.

Q3. How do I request for the medical report of a deceased patient?

If the patient is deceased, the application has to be made by the Legally Appointed Representative of the Estate. This is either an executor of the deceased’s “Will”,  who has been granted probate, or a person who has been appointed as an administrator of the deceased’s estate by the Singapore Court.

If the deceased does not have a Legally Appointed Representative of the Estate, then the application has to be made by the deceased’s closest relative (who is living and possesses the mental capacity to process the application). The order of the closest relatives is listed as follows. Where there are two or more of such individuals within the same category of relatives, the application shall be made by the eldest or the elder relative:

  • Spouse;
  • Child;
  • Parent;
  • Sibling;
  • Other relation

The applicant will be asked to fill up an Additional Consent & Declaration for Release of Medical Information for Deceased Patient Form if required. Section 1 is to be filled by the applicant. If the applicant is not the only living child/sibling of the deceased, then Section 2 is to be filled by a child/sibling (other than the applicant) of the deceased patient. Scanned copies/photocopies of the relevant verification documents eg. marriage certificate, birth certificate, are to be provided by each declarant i.e. spouse/child/sibling, as proof of relationship to the deceased patient.

Q4. How do I apply for the medical report of a mentally incapacitated patient?

In accordance to the Mental Capacity Act (Cap 177A), the application has to be made by the Legally Appointed Representative of the patient, who is a Donee of a Lasting Power of Attorney granted by the patient or by a Court Appointed Deputy.

If the mentally incapacitated patient does not have a Legally Appointed Representative, then the application has to be made by the patient’s main caregiver.

The main caregiver of the patient will be asked to fill up an Additional Declaration for Release of Medical information for Patient Who Lacks Mental Capacity Form if required. If there is more than one main caregiver, each main caregiver will be asked to sign the above-mentioned form separately.

Q5. How do I process my insurance form?

The patient or the Legally Appointed Representative of the patient may submit the insurance form to be completed by a doctor. The insurance form must be signed in advance by the patient. In the event that the insurance form is not signed by the patient, the application form to request for medical report has to be submitted with the patient’s consent or by the patient’s Legally Appointed Representative or closest relative as specified in Question 3 above.

Q6. Can I use my Medisave to pay for the charges of the medical report? 

No, Medisave cannot be used to pay for a medical report.

Q7: Can I claim the medical report fees from my insurance company? 

You will need to check with your insurance company.

Q8: My hospitalisation bill is only about $200. How useful is the medical report for small claims? 

For small claims (<$1,000), you are advised to process the insurance claim using the Inpatient Discharge Summary, which is provided to patients upon discharge. You should request for your medical report only if the insurance company requests for it.

Note: If you are requesting for your medical report to file an insurance claim, you are advised to obtain an Insurance Claim Form from your insurance agent.

Q9. I have been seen by two different doctors. Can I request for one consolidated medical report?

The two doctors you consulted were for different conditions. It is necessary for each doctor to write the medical report based on your medical condition and the treatment each of them rendered. Hence, you will need to request for two separate medical reports.

Q10. I have visited the hospital for various reasons. Which medical report should I be requesting? 

You are advised to request for the medical report that is relevant to the purpose of your claim. Do note that each request for a medical report is chargeable.

Q11. What happens if the doctor is no longer with the hospital?

We will re-assign an appropriate doctor to write the medical report. The procedure for the application follows the normal process.

Q12. What happens if a medical report cannot be processed?

The release of the patient’s medical information is subject to JurongHealth’s official approval. In the event that we are unable to process a medical report, the requestor will receive a notification and refund if the medical report fee has been paid.