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The Neurology service at NTFGH works in partnership with the National University Health System for the Neurology Senior Residency Training Programme, whereby senior residents are rotated to NTFGH for specialist training. During their rotation here, senior residents will be assigned to one general neurology clinic per week. In addition they will be core members of the inpatient team and will have opportunities to evaluate and manage patients with a wide spectrum of neurological conditions, under close supervision by a faculty member. Senior residents will also provide advice and support to other departments for patients with neurological problems. All these constitute an integral part of the training provided in NTFGH.

Protected teaching time will be available to senior residents. This will take the form of attendance at the combined NUH-NTFGH weekly case discussions / peer review sessions; as well as mortality and morbidity meetings. Allowance will also be made for senior residents to continue their existing clinic in NUH and core programme teaching while rotating in NTFGH.

For more detail, please visit the NUHS main programme website.

JurongHealth Campus Site Director