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JurongHealth Fund

JurongHealth Fund

Established in August 2011, JurongHealth Fund is a grant making organisation that aims to create a positive impact and make a difference in our community through funding patients, community care, education, innovation and research projects. At the heart of JurongHealth Fund’s objective is the promotion of all medical and health-related services that are exclusively charitable and for the benefit of the Singapore community.

Governed by a Board of Directors, JurongHealth Fund is also a registered charity and an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC). It abides by the rules stipulated in the Charities Act and Charities Regulations. As an IPC, donations to JurongHealth Fund are tax-deductible. Your generosity will enable us to go another mile in our work.

To Make A Donation

You may make an online donation here or scan the QR code:
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To make a donation in other ways, please contact us at:
Tel: 6716 2000

Personal Data Protection Act: Use of Donor Information

JurongHealth Fund is committed to protecting your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. Your personal data is collected, retained and used for the following purposes:

(a) To process, administer and manage your relationship with us as a valued donor
(b) To inform you on our fundraising activities

Whistle-Blowing Policy

JurongHealth Fund has adopted NUHS Whistle-Blowing Policy to provide a platform to receive any concerns or reports of possible irregularities or wrongdoings that involve JurongHealth Fund’s staff and/or partners. The whistle-blowing channel is managed by an independent third party and a whistle-blower’s identity is handled with the strictest confidence.

You may refer to NUHS Whistleblowing page to raise a concern or make a report of any misconduct, negligence and/or improper activity or incidence.

JurongHealth Fund’s mission is to promote all medical and health-related services that are exclusively charitable and for the benefit of the Singapore community. In partnership with JurongHealth Campus, JurongHealth Fund (The Fund) funds and organises programmes towards achieving the objectives of:

Helping Needy Patients

The Fund helps to alleviate the financial burden of patients who are in need of financial assistance and who require healthcare services.

Improving Community Care

The Fund supports community care and outreach programmes as well as initiatives that enhance integration of care within the community.

Supporting Healthcare Professionals in Education

The Fund supports training programmes for healthcare workers and provides sponsorships for medical, nursing, paramedical and other healthcare related education.

Funding Pilot and Quality Improvement Projects

The Fund supports pilot projects and quality improvement initiatives that test new and improved ways of providing patient care services and improve patient safety.

Supporting Research

The Fund supports research projects such as community health and bedside clinical research, including the publication of research findings, educational findings, educational journals, reports, magazines, books and other materials.

Learn about the programmes that benefitted from JurongHealth Fund in this video.

The JurongHealth Fund awards grants to fund programmes and organises programmes in line with its objectives of supporting Needy Patients, Community Care, Education, Pilot and Quality Improvement Projects, and Research.

Needy Patients

  • Needy Patient Fund - The programme provides financial assistance to needy patients of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital.
  • Hearing Implant Programme - The programme enables needy patients with hearing loss to access the latest hearing technologies and hearing rehabilitation.

Community Care

  • Funding for Manpower Plan to Support RHS Development - The programme operationalises Regional Health System initiatives in JurongHealth Campus and develops a signature township and population health project.
  • Community Arts and Health Programme - The programme creates a healing, soothing, and supportive environment for patients, families, visitors, and staff by integrating different art forms into the healthcare setting.
  • Infectious Diseases Community Programme (IDCP) v2.0 - The programme partners with Nursing Homes to improve infection control protocol and management of infectious diseases in the community.
  • Spine Care in the Community (SpineCom) Programme - The programme aims to right site non-surgical spine patients by co-managing them with NUHS Primary Care Network General Practitioners, while maintaining access to subsidised specialist spine care with a shorter lead time.
  • Urinary Catheter Management for Western Region Nursing Home Programme - The programme aims to expand the Nursing Home nurses’ competency by developing their skillset to manage male catherisation and to handle catheter related issues.
  • Diabetes Reinforcement, Empowerment And Motivation (DREAM) Programme - The programme aims to reinforce diabetes self-management knowledge and skills to diabetes patients for them to be better equipped and empowered in the control of their conditions.
  • Learn @ LIFEHub & Mobility Park Programme - The programme provides support to Voluntary Welfare Organisations and grassroots organisations to be equipped with the knowledge of caring for the elderly and physically challenged individuals.
  • J.Walkers - A mall-walking health promotion and community care programme, the J.Walkers takes advantage of JurongHealth Campus’ proximity and seamless connectivity to the surrounding malls to encourage and motivate patients and the community to take ownership of their health to live a healthy and active lifestyle, no matter rain or shine.


  • Talent Development Fund - The programme aims to build the talent and leadership pipelines, and strategic capability of JurongHealth Campus by developing its healthcare professionals.

Pilot and Quality Improvement Projects

  • Geriatric Oncology LongituDinal End to eNd (GOLDEN) Programme - The programme develops a geriatric oncology service to identify and personalise the management of elderly cancer patients through geriatric screening and assessment at the time of diagnosis.
  • Patient Care Counselling – A Pastoral Care Programme @ JCH - The programme addresses patients' needs to make meaning out of their illnesses or diseases, and assists them in enhancing their coping mechanisms.
  • Immunisation Support for Nursing Homes (ISNH) Pilot Project - The project aims to reduce the occurrence of vaccine-preventable pneumococcal disease within the community through increased awareness and take-up rates of pneumococcal vaccination for Nursing Home residents.


  • BREAst screening Tailored for HEr - The programme aims to test the feasibility of a risk-based breast cancer screening approach and evaluates the cost-effectiveness of the approach as compared to current age-based practice.
  • JurongHealth Research and Development Fund - The programme aims to strengthen JurongHealth Campus' core research manpower, and research and development capacity and capabilities through funding of research ideas with potential.
  • Programme Evaluation of Value Driven Outcome Projects - The project conducts an evaluation of value driven projects that incorporated patient-reported outcome measures to assess the effectiveness of such value driven interventions.
  • Effects of Implementing a Common EMR across Primary and Acute Care Settings in Separate Institutions under NUHS - The project studies the impact of Next Generation Electronic Medical Records implementation on Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Specialist Outpatient Clinics’ overall productivity and quality of care, with an additional focus on the referral process from National University Polyclinics to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Specialist Outpatient Clinics.

JurongHealth Fund is governed by a 10-member Board of Directors that comprises eminent persons of good repute and experienced practitioners from the public and private sectors, and who are dedicated and passionate about transforming healthcare for the benefit of Singaporeans.


  • Prof Lim Pin

Board Members

  • Mrs Arfat Selvam
  • Mrs Dorothy Chan
  • Ms Laura Kho
  • Prof Robert Pho
  • Mr Chua Song Khim
  • A/Prof Lim Swee Hia
  • Mr Ng Tiak Soon (Chairman, Audit Committee)
  • Mr Timothy Teo
  • A/Prof Cheah Wei Keat

Except for the Chairman of the Board, the Directors are listed in alphabetical order by first name.