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As the healthcare provider for the west, we want to be able to provide more than healthcare services with our expertise. Working with our community partners and staff, we have moved away from the traditional focus of illness care to growing our efforts on keeping the community healthy.

JurongHealth Campus Staff Outreach

As healthcare professionals, caring is the nature of our jobs. This passion has fuelled our drive to reach out to the needy in our community. We envision a society that is giving, responsible and caring and we want to lead the way by walking the talk. As a team, we practise kindness and social responsibility in our daily lives. We hope to inspire others to do the same. JurongHealth staff volunteers are committed to making a difference in our community.

Healthy Home

Every year, our Community Relations team will rally our staff volunteers to roll up their sleeves to help springclean the homes of the needy elderly in the west. The activity is usually held just ahead of the Lunar New Year to add to the festive cheer. The Community Relations team typically works with a community partner at the grassroots level for this initiative.

A health carnival will also be held in conjunction with Healthy Home to engage the community. Our team takes the opportunity to impart useful daily health tips and knowledge to empower the residents, especially the elderly, towards a healthier and independent lifestyle. There are also food and games to add to the cheer of the event.

Healthy Home
Healthy Home
Healthy Home
Healthy Home
Bukit Batok Township Project

As part of the Bukit Batok (BB) township project, NTFGH Community Operations partners with BB Grassroots Organisations and various community partners to co-create a supportive community and empower senior residents to achieve holistic health via My Health Map.

My Health Map is a set of evidence based interventions for adults and seniors to delay onset of frailty and to support the residents to stay healthy in the community. It has 5 main domains:

  • screening
  • vaccinations
  • chronic disease management
  • lifestyle interventions
  • social and environmental interventions

Under this project, our Care Connectors are deployed to Voluntary Welfare Organisations and Senior Activity Centres in BB Single Member Constituency (SMC). The Care Connectors serve as a one-stop information/resource officer based in the community who will share with residents information on appropriate health screenings and vaccinations that they can go for to keep their health in check.

Additionally, the Care Connectors will also educate residents about the various community health programmes available as well as where to get social support and schemes to aid with home modifications. For the lonely and those living alone, counselling, helplines, befriender and financial assistance services are options they can reach via the Care Connectors.

Care Connectors are consistently carrying out their outreach efforts in BB SMC to reach out to more senior residents and equip them with the knowledge to age well in the community.

Bukit Batok Township Project
Bukit Batok Township Project
Bukit Batok Township Project
Bukit Batok Township Project

The "Life in Colours - Get Well, Live Well" commemorative book documents residents' health experiences and success stories. Read it here (PDF, 25.9 MB).

Bukit Batok Township Project is supported by JurongHealth Fund.

JurongHealth Fund
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