Hospital Design

AIA COTE Top Ten Awards

The American Institute of Architects COTE (Committee on the Environment) Top Ten Awards is the industry's well known awards programme for excellence in sustainable design. Each year, 10 innovative projects are selected for setting the standard in design and sustainability.

COTE Top Ten Awards 2017

Hospital Design

The Green Mark Platinum NTFGH is part of Singapore's first medical campus to combine continuing care from outpatient to post-acute care. Based on passive principles, the performance-based design supports resource efficiency, health, and well-being. 70% of the facility is naturally ventilated, representing 82% of inpatient beds. Unlike its Singaporean peers, NTFGH provides every patient with an adjacent operable window, offering daylight and views. An oasis in a dense city, NTFGH incorporates parks, green roofs and vertical plantings throughout the campus. The building uses 38% less energy than a typical Singaporean hospital and 69% less than a typical US hospital." 

Source: American Institute of Architects Website

ASEAN Energy Awards

The ASEAN Energy Awards is the region's highest recognition of excellence and innovation for energy efficiency efforts in buildings. 

ASEAN Energy Awards 2017

Top Winner - New & Existing Building Category

This award recognises NTFGH and JCH for several energy efficient and green features, such as: 

  • Having a window for every patient
  • Unique fan-shaped wards with improved airflow
  • Thoughtful orientation of buildings to reduce demand for lighting energy
  • Use of solar thermal systems to provide 100% of hot water supply for hospital usage
  • Energy-efficient air-con chillers and more
Hospital Design
Hospital Design
Hospital Design


Building & Construction Authority Green Mark Platinum Award
BCA Green Mark Platinum Award 2013

Designed for environmental sustainability by being as carbon-neutral as possible in the infrastructure, landscape features as well as water and energy systems, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital received the Green Mark Platinum Award from the Building Construction Authority of Singapore for the following innovative features.

Hospital Design

Energy-saving Features

  • Solar thermal systems for 100% hot water supply, eliminating the use of electricity 
  • Solar-panelled roofs to power landscape lighting 
  • Selective deployment of LED lighting 
  • Photo sensor lighting activated only when an area is not bright enough 
  • Occupancy sensor lighting activated by movement and body heat 

Water-saving Features

  • Use 40% less potable water 
  • Harvest rainwater to water plants 
  • Utilises NEWater in the cooling towers of the air-conditioning system 
  • Water-efficient fittings that reduce wastage 

Hospital Design

Building Better Healthcare Awards

The Building Better Healthcare Awards celebrate outstanding achievements and innovation in the healthcare sector and recognise the people leading the way in enhancing services across the sector. Held annually, the award recognises innovation, architecture, people, products and services that contribute to transforming patient care.

Building Better Healthcare Awards 2017

Sustainable Development Category

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital were awarded as a project that reduce the carbon impact of healthcare services and construction. 

International Design Category  ΜΆ  Highly Commended Project

Besides receiving the Best Sustainable Development award, NTFGH and JCH were also highly commended in the International Design category. We are recognised as a healthcare building outside the UK that create a conducive healing environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design
European Healthcare Design Awards

The European Healthcare Design Awards celebrates and recognises professional excellence in the healthcare environment design in Europe and around the world. Organised by the Architects for Health and SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, the awards will contribute towards the development of knowledge and standards in the design of healthcare environments around the world. 2016 is the first year of the awards.

European Healthcare Design Award 2016

Healthcare Design (Over 25,000 sqm)
Highly Commended:

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital & Jurong Community Hospital

Commissioned by Ministry of Health, Singapore and Jurong Health Services
Designed by CPG Consultants in collaboration with HOK and Studio 505

Hospital Design
FuturArc Green Leadership Award

The FuturArc Green Leadership Award was launched in 2009 by the BCI Group of Companies to seek out innovative and ecologically responsible buildings in Asia. The competition recognises the team behind a completed project, including architects, developers, consultants and contractors, who have collectively pushed the definition of a green building in Asia.

FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016

Merit Citation (Institutional)

Hospital Design
IstructE Singapore Structural Awards

Launched in December 2010 by the Institution of Structural Engineers, the IStructE Singapore Structural Awards aims to be the premier celebration of achievement and innovation in structural engineering. The awards are designed to recognise and reward the work of Singapore's most talented structural design engineers and their indispensable contributions to the built environment.

IstructE Singapore Structural Awards 2016

Healthcare Structures

Hospital Design

"NTFGH and JCH offers a perfect example of an aesthetically pleasing structure without the need of additional curtain walls to dress up exposed elements. Instead of the using full curtain wall system to encase the entire building, the structural elements were fused into the ward design to form part of the aesthetical outlook. From the ground up, the external side of every cantilever curved beam is visible. These beams forming the planter boxes were exposed and integrated into the overall visual outlook of the building. To provide additional visual depth, concrete nibs were added to the side of the beams contouring the beams to be perceived as thinner when seen from a distance. This was then simply covered with a plaster and paint finish to smother any imperfections. It uses a variety of structural systems and materials to optimise the structural skeleton of the buildings. For matching structural form, from construction to materials and to buildability, high strength concrete was used for all columns within all 3 blocks."

Source: The Structuralist (Newsletter of IStructE Singapore Regional Group), Pg.19

Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF)

The Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) is a certification scheme by the National Parks Board that recognises development projects with outstanding greenery. This is the first scheme in Singapore that is solely dedicated to the provision and management of greenery. With LEAF, NParks aims to encourage more greenery in Singapore's urban landscape.

While we were building our two hospitals from ground up, our Hospital Planning team worked closely with our contractors, architects and consultants to design a healing environment complete with gardens and green features in our wards for our patients, their loved ones and the community in the west. 

Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) Certification

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital were among 12 private and public developments to receive the LEAF certification in 2016.

Outstanding Project

Besides receiving the LEAF certification, NTFGH and JCH were also honoured to be recognised as an Outstanding Project in 2016. This category showcases developments that have raised the bar in urban greening excellence.

Hospital Design
Hospital Design
Hospital Design
Hospital Design
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