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Partner to Care (NTFGH and JCH)


Partner to Care is an initiative by the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) and Jurong Community Hospital (JCH) to support caregiving right from the beginning stages at our hospitals. It aims to help extended caregivers gain confidence in supporting their loved ones in regaining health.

We believe that by creating a Nurse-Caregiver partnership, our caregivers will feel supported in their caregiving journey.

Supporting Our Extended Caregivers

Extended caregivers will receive guidance and support from our healthcare professionals when carrying out their caregiving duties in the hospital. They will be equipped with the practical knowledge and techniques to provide safe and optimal care for their loved ones, as well as gain exposure to the various tasks and responsibilities required in caregiving.

Roles of Extended Caregivers in Wards
  • Assist with their loved ones' Activities of Daily Living (ADL), which include bathing, sponging, toileting, and feeding
  • Apply the caregiving skills and techniques obtained from formal training
  • Accompany their loved ones in rehabilitation programmes and/or social activities
  • Engage in elder-sitting/companionship
  • Motivate their loved ones to exercise, encourage ambulation, and improve their range of motions
Eligibility Requirements of an Extended Caregiver
  • The extended caregiver should be a relative, partner, friend, helper or any person that the patient or the patient’s immediate family chooses to have at their bedside minimally for four hours a day during hospitalisation
  • The extended caregiver must be at least 18 years old and above
Extended Visiting Hours for Extended Caregivers
  • The extended visiting hours are from 10am to 8.30pm
  • Extended caregivers may also opt for overnight stays
Amenities Available for Extended Caregivers in the Hospital
  • Access to beverages in pantry areas
  • Companion meals (chargeable) available upon request
  • A deck chair/chair, pillow and blanket are provided for overnight stays from 9pm to 6am
  • Shower facilities are available from 6pm to 6am. Extended caregivers are to bring their own toiletries and towels
Caregiver Resources
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