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Arts & Health

Arts & Health

Arts&HealthThe transformative power of the arts to promote well-being and healing in healthcare settings are well documented by many studies. Arts&Health by JurongHealth Campus started in 2014 with a mission to integrate different art forms into healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational and expressive purposes to create a healing environment and experience for our patients, families, visitors and staff.

Harnessing the collective creativity of local artists, performing groups and volunteers, Arts&Health aims to connect and build partnership to foster a healthy and caring community in the west. The hospitals offer creative platforms that bring organisations and people from different walks of life together to co-create art, contribute their artistic talent to inspire patients to express themselves and improve their health and well-being.

For more information or enquiries, please contact Community Relations at

Arts&Health by JurongHealth Campus is supported by JurongHealth Fund.

​“Co-Created – The Making of Healing Arts in NTFGH and JCH” e-book out now!

We are delighted to have released a publication to celebrate the healing power of art and co-creation. Delve into the stories and inspirations behind over 800 artworks displayed across NTFGH and JCH, each a labour of love contributed by patients, staff, community partners and local artists. Download the e-book here.