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Keen on working with JurongHealth Campus for our projects? All procurement notices are published on our online procurement portal, SESAMi Source Key Portal. Only suppliers who have registered with SESAMi will be given a Login ID to download our RFQs/ RFPs documents. For supplier registration or any related technical enquiry please refer to the portal. Go through our lists of upcoming projects on SESAMi, our online procurement portal, and see how you can be a part of them.

For general enquiries, please contact our Materials Management Department at

Register with us as a Healthcare Supplier via SESAMi to be able to respond to our notices directly online.

View instructions (PDF, 309 KB) for RFQ/ RFP documents download and electronic bids submission.


Suppliers introducing new medical products (consumables and implants) that require evaluation for suitability of use, must now go through Materials Management Department (MMD). The new process requires the suppliers to fill in a Product Evaluation Agreement Form (PE Form) and submit to MMD via email ( for processing.