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Giving Back

Funded Programmes

Funded Programmes

The JurongHealth Fund (JHF) has funded programmes which provided positive impact and outcomes for patients, healthcare workers, and the community in the western region of Singapore. Some of the impactful programmes include:

Making a difference to patients who cannot afford treatment

Patients oftentimes have to worry about the financial burden that arises from medical bills on top of their medical conditions. At Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital, patients could tap on the financial assistance from our Needy Patient Fund, which helps to pay for services such as dialysis and purchase of equipment such as respiratory devices and walking aids that enable patients to manage their conditions well at home. The Needy Patient Fund was started since FY2012, and continues to provide support to patients to access the healthcare services that they need.

Supporting continual training for healthcare professionals

Continual training for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals ensures our healthcare professionals are equipped with the skills for delivery of safe and effective care. JurongHealth Simulation and Clinical Education Centre (JSCEC), built with a grant of $5 million, provides training for clinical disciplines to improve teamwork and decision-making in patient care and enhance safety standards for patients. JSCEC houses facilities and equipment for simulation-based, life support and surgical skills training, and remains the core training facility of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital.

Facilitating patient rehabilitation and re-integration into the community

A patient's recovery process often involves learning to re-adapt to their daily lives and society, and a mobility park provides patients with a safe environment to learn to take public transport independently. The first mobility park to be built at a hospital in Singapore, the Mobility Park at Jurong Community Hospital was made possible with a $500,000 donation from SMRT. Equipped with an actual bus, taxi and MRT train carriage as well as pedestrian crossings and walkways with textured surfaces, ramps and steps, the Mobility Park simulates the different public transport settings and enables patients to regain their confidence to re-integrate into the community.