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Health On Track 2021

Health On Track 2021

Thank you for participating in Health On Track 2021!

Health On Track is an annual public health fair organized by Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital (collectively known as JurongHealth Campus) and is aimed at empowering our community to stay in the pink of health!

The bone and joint health content brought to you by our healthcare experts are available for viewing and download below!

Proper nutrition and eating a well-balanced diet are vital for good bone health. 

Find out how diet affects bone health and get professional tips from our dietitians on the type of calcium rich foods to include in your daily diet.


Ensuring adequate calcium intake for healthy bones 
Getting enough calcium is important regardless how young or old you are. Find out about the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for calcium here.

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Learn about common bone and joint related conditions and treatment options for sprains, fractures, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and other common bone and joint disorders from our surgeons, and pick up simple preventive measures you can adopt.


Hip Hip Hooray! #1 
Keeping your hips strong will help you stay walking, running and jumping into old age. Read on to discover the importance of your hip joint!
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Hip Hip Hooray! #2
Chances are, you'll know if you had a hip fracture, but let our orthopaedic surgeon clue you in on how orthopaedic surgeons diagnose and treat hip fractures.
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Hip Hip Hooray! #3
Good news, hip fractures are preventable! Find out more insights from our orthopaedic surgeon!
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Thumb Base Arthritis
Our thumb is responsible for up to 50% of hand function and is used extensively in most daily activities. Learn more about how to protect your thumb basal joint to prevent Thumb Base Arthritis.
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Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder is a common condition that causes pain and severe stiffness in the shoulder and affects daily life and sleep. Find out about the various non-surgical treatment options available for you.
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The Lowdown on Lower Back Problems
Four facts about lower back problems you absolutely need to know.
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Get health tips from our pharmacists on taking medications and supplements correctly, and learn about the non-pharmacological treatments for osteoporosis.



Osteoporosis - Myths Debunked! 
Does osteoporosis only affect women? Is calcium the only form of nutrient needed for healthy bones? Read more to find out the facts!
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Osteoporosis - An Unavoidable Threat!
Learn about how you can take action early to prevent osteoporosis and fight this 'silent' disease.
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Supplements - Myths Debunked!
Does taking more calcium supplements prevent osteoporosis? Learn more from our pharmacists.
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Learn more about common foot deformities and arthritic conditions that may affect your feet and how to manage them. 


Bunions - Are You at Risk? 
What are bunions? Are you or your loved ones at risk of it? Read on for useful insights.
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Treatment for Bunions
Are you seeking non-surgical treatments for bunions? Our podiatrists share some options here.
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Toe Deformities - My Toes Look Strange!
If you are experiencing swelling, pain or redness on your toes, you may be suffering from toe deformity. Find out more about the types of the toe deformities here.
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Treatment for Toe Deformities
Wondering how you can treat toe deformities? Discover the types of non-surgical options available.
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Your muscles and joints support your daily activities and common conditions such as arthritis and gout may put a temporary stop to the activities that you enjoy doing.

Find out more about gout a common form of arthritis and gout management, from our rheumatology doctor and nurse.


Arthritis - Myths Debunked! 
Can Arthritis be treated with glucosamine? Does cool weather cause arthritis to worsen? Get the facts from our Rheumatologist!
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Who is more prone to gout and how does gout come about? Learn more about how you can make changes to your lifestyle and diet to keep gout under control.
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