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Learn @ LIFE Hub & Mobility Park

Learn @ LIFE Hub & Mobility Park

Learn, Interact, Feel, Experience

Held at the interactive Mobility Park and life-sized LIFE Hub at Jurong Community Hospital, this learning session showcases some of the best practices to improve safety and independence for recovering patients and the elderly. 

LIFE Hub aims to help seniors remain healthy and independent at home. It features a three-room HDB flat mock-up, which serves to help patients ease back into their home environment under the guidance of our therapists. It showcases a variety of products and provide practical solutions that patients can use to help them live more safely and independently in the home setting. In addition, LIFE Hub also offer an information hub and educational area for patients and their caregivers.

JCH is the first hospital in Singapore to feature a mobility park. A patient’s recovery process often includes learning to re-adapt to their daily lives and the society. JCH’s Mobility Park is equipped with ramps, steps, textured surfaces, a foot reflexology path, etc. It simulates a public transport setting with an actual bus, taxi and MRT train carriage. The aim is to offer patients a safe environment to learn how to take public transport among other daily tasks, how to go out on their own, etc. before they return to life in the real world.

In this 90-minute session, participants will learn about:

  1. Home safety and fall prevention tips for the elderly and physically challenged
  2. Assistive devices to help the elderly and physically challenged regain independence and re-adapt to daily life
  3. How features for the elderly and physically challenged work on the public transport
  4. Mobility education

For registration and enquiries, please contact:

Tel: 6716 4242

Learn @ LIFE Hub & Mobility Park
Learn @ LIFE Hub & Mobility Park
Learn @ LIFE Hub & Mobility Park
Learn @ LIFE Hub & Mobility Park