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Weight Management Multi-disciplinary Care

Weight Management Multi-disciplinary Care

Obesity is on the rise and is now a major health concern. Being obese can lead to diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, but the good news is, it can be prevented.

Did you know?

Losing as little as 5% of your body weight can help you feel better about yourself. If you are currently experiencing joint pains, losing some weight can prevent further pain, improve high blood pressure, diabetes and boost your energy levels.

Lifestyle changes

Losing weight does not have to involve abrupt changes to your lifestyle. You can continue to have three meals a day, moderating its portions and choosing the right type of food. You can also gradually increase your physical activity and build up a comfortable exercise regime to look forward to.

How do I know if I am healthy, overweight or obese?

You can find out by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) with the formula below:


Knowing your BMI is a good way to measure your cardiovascular risk and identify if you are on your way to developing obesity-related diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke. It also helps you to be more aware of your health and make better lifestyle choices to support a healthy body weight.

Which category are you in?

Body Mass Index (BMI) – World Health Organization Criteria for Asians

CategoryBMI (kg/m2)Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Underweight< 18.5Risk of nutritional deficit and osteoporosis
Normal18.5 - 22.9Low
Overweight23.0 - 27.4Moderate
Obese≥ 27.5High

Benefits of moderate weight loss (in a 100kg individual)

Obesity Co-Morbidities / MortalityWeight LossBenefits
  • > 20% fall in total mortality
  • > 30% fall in diabetes-related deaths
  • Fall in obesity-related cancer deaths
  • Fall in 50% fasting glucose
Blood lipids10kg
  • Fall of 10% total cholesterol
  • Fall of 15% LDL
  • Fall of 30% triglycerides
  • Increase of 8% HDL
Blood clotting indices 
  • Reduce red cell aggregability
  • Improved fibrinolytic capacity
Physical complications5 - 10kg
  • Improved back and joint pain
  • Improved lung function
  • Decreased breathlessness
  • Reduced frequency of sleep apnoea
    Ovarian function> 5%
    • Improved ovarian function

    Our dietitian says…

    “To live well, is to eat well.”

    How many times have you been on a diet? Are you tired of a yo-yo cycle? Break that chain now by embarking on a sustainable weight loss programme. We will review your needs and personalise a meal plan for you. Let us embark on this together.


    Our physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach say…

    “Moving a little every day is better than not moving at all.”

    An exercise regime that is fun and achievable will motivate you to keep going. Let us measure your fitness level, lifestyle habits and activity preferences to customise an exercise regime you can do anytime, anywhere!


    Our occupational therapist says…

    “A ‘can do’ attitude helps you achieve your goals sooner.”

    We are more likely to succeed when we view life’s changes positively. Can you identify the “obstacle” in your weight loss journey? Share  it with us. We will work with you to manage challenges, which include current eating habits and ways to raise your activity levels


    Our doctor says…

    “Your well-being is our responsibility.”

    We will do a detailed assessment of your health and decide on your suitability to join the Weight Management Programme. We also work with the other members of the team to ensure a safe and effective journey for you. Let us strive to help you lose 5 to 10% of your entry weight, a significant weight loss, medically.


    Disclaimer: The information provided here is meant for educational purposes and should not be used as substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please seek your doctor's advice before starting any treatment or if you have any questions related to your health, physical fitness or medical condition.

    Our 16-week Weight Management Programme comprises individual sessions with a Weight Management Doctor, Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, as well as group exercise sessions with a Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach.

    ​Package CriteriaAges 16 to 65
    23 ≤ BMI ≤ 27.4 with co-morbidities
    BMI ≥ 27.5​

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